Our Solution

Your needs are what we provide.

Reduced Cost

With the QA TestBox crowd-sourcing platform you can eliminate the need to hire an in-house QA team and instead leverage on-demand skilled test resources. This arrangement helps reduce fixed costs enhancing the overall efficiency and a high return on investment of your application/product.

24/7 Testing

The QA TestBox community is comprised of testers and project managers who work around-the-clock with your development team to ship finished products with shorter turnarounds. Our skilled resources ensure that you get the convenience of prioritized incident management, personalized technical support and customer relationship managers focused on understanding your business goals and industry workflows.

Customized Solutions

Our experienced Project managers ensure that the testing solutions provided are tailor made to suit our client’s requirement. This enables to enhance the testing efficiency and ensures that Zero defect products reach the market

By working around the clock, producing world class quality that many desire for, is also what we call our obsession.