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Functional Testing

Functional testing can be an overwhelming task for an inexperienced testing organization. Our approach to functional testing covers requirement and business-process based testing. Our testing covers Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) and Command Line Interfaces (CLIs).
Testers verify the core functionality of your software through a structured series of scenarios and test cases. They follow predefined step-by-step instructions to navigate through the software to find bugs. These bugs are repeat tested by each tester to verify issues across multiple devices/operating systems. Our testers probe relentlessly through your software to find bugs on their own, guided by typical use cases.

UI/UX Testing

Digital Technology is changing the world with expectations of customers and businesses constantly evolving. Social, Mobile, Analytics and cloud (SMAC) has altered their behavior. Customers demand anytime-anywhere services with the best user experience. They want new features in applications that are faster. Even minor glitches in customer experience can cost enterprises their reputation and result in loss of business.
Testers across a broad spectrum of devices, platforms, and demographics explore your software in their own environment. Qualitative and quantitative feedback from our testers ensures that the user experience is optimized for every device and platform which will enhance customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Mobile Testing

With access to devices around the world representing the gamut of real-world hardware/software combinations, we can help you ensure your apps works correctly on real devices, being used by real people.
Our Services include
Unit Testing, Build Acceptance Testing, Regression Testing and Exploratory Testing. QA TextBox supports Functional Testing using Appium, Robotium, API Automation Selenium and Selendroid across platforms like Android, iOS and Windows

Test Automation

QATestBox’s Test Automation provides the means to improve productivity without compromising on coverage. Our approach to test automation involves detailed steps in automation planning, test bed preparation, script development, script execution and delivery.
Our Services include

  • Test Automation Assessment of Process/Framework/Scripts
  • Test Data management issues in automation testing
  • Middleware and SOA Testing challenges
  • Test Automation Tools evaluation and best-fit
  • Feasibility study, POC and deployment of In-House assets

Performance Testing

QA TestBox provides proactive performance engineering, testing, benchmarking, tuning and profiling services. We take a systematic, quantitative approach to your requirements to determine a performance testing solution by focusing on architecture, design, and implementation choices that meet performance requirements.
Our services help reduce development rework due to performance objective failures, lower operational overhead costs and minimize avoidable errors and delays. We simulate real life scenarios - thousands of users accessing an application and observing the application's or product's behaviour. We can thus determine the capacity of the application’s infrastructure and the future resources required to deliver acceptable application performance.

Security Testing

QA TestBox’s Security Testing assesses an application's ability to - Resist most attacks; Tolerate attacks that cannot be resisted; Recover within a specified time with minimum damage; Generate a trail to identify the source and path of attack.
Our platform enables our customers to do Penetration Testing, Application Security Testing, Network and Social Security Testing and Mobile Security Testing. Our community of testers sign NDAs specific to your company’s requirement, our testers do not have any direct and external access to the customer environment.

API Testing

QATestBox’s API Testing framework thoroughly tests an application's logic layer leading to a healthier final product.
Our secure platform simplifies the complex testing that’s vital for business-critical APIs with native support for platforms, technologies and protocols. Specialists generate extensible, reusable, easily maintainable tests with 100% coverage from the ground up to simplify the testing of GUI-less APIs.

IOT Testing

There are many devices connected to the internet in today’s world. It is important that these new devices work as per the specification and in conjunction with the existing and new technologies.
A holistic approach to software testing is necessary due to the added technical complexity that comes with the huge volumes, velocity and variety of data generated across a smart and connected ecosystem. The QA TestBox platform is equipped to manage endurance testing to determine if the system can sustain the continuous expected load.